As someone who is a nine-to-fiver by day and a blogger by night, I rarely get the time to go out and get pampered so when I hear that there are products to bring the spa to home, I get pretty damn excited. Enter, ASPAR. Aurora Spa has enlisted the expertise of their therapists to create a range of botanically active products that have been tried and tested in-spa. This means that each product is professional and spa-strength.

I’ve been using all of the four following products for the past few weeks now and they have proven, to me, to be very relaxing whilst providing benefits in their own way. You really feel like you’re being pampered all in the comfort of your own home. What’s more is that these rituals can be tied into your daily routine without taking anymore time than your current day-to-day personal care tasks.

The aroma of the Rose & Aloe Body Cleanser is so soothing, perfect when you you just want to unwind in the shower. I’ve used this with their Exfoliating Body Mitt (which you only need to use once a week – it’s a very deep exfoliation) and it feels absolutely brilliant. Consider your dead skin wiped.

Use this after your shower, following the above body cleanser, and you’re sure to get even more relaxed. Like its name suggests, it deeply hydrates the skin – but unlike other ‘rich’ creams, the consistency of this isn’t thick which makes it easier to apply and doesn’t leave you with that oily feeling. It’s formulated with shea butter and the aroma smells of rose geranium, sandalwood and lavender pure essential oils.

This is a light yet deeply hydrating eye cream. What I love about this is that it is quickly absorbed into the skin which means that, after applying in the morning, you can start to apply makeup not longer after. Use this one morning and night to unlock its full potential.

Following on from the eye cream, spray this baby onto a damp cotton wool cloth and smooth over your face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and before moisturising. This is a gentle and hydrating spray that rebalances and rehydrates your skin while neutralising skin impurities. You can also use this as a pick-me-up throughout the day, even over makeup. Tip: put the spray in the fridge before use for more refreshing feel.

By Guest Blogger Jennifer Chong, Tonight We Dream

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Jennifer is a fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Spa and smile the Aurora way


Fun ideas to make someone smile

Running a spa, we get to see the transformative power of serenity. Our clients may arrive feeling tired, overwhelmed, and worn out from the everyday hustle and bustle. Modern life is busy and for many, coming in for a spa treatment may be one of the only times that they really get to relax. You can’t imagine the sighs we get when they check in, knowing they can finally unwind and let go.

Then, an hour or so receiving a soothing treatment, and they walk out with that wonderful glow of contentment. Yep, that’s what we do. We recommend our signature Kitya Karnu steam treatment – we’ve seen guests come out not knowing what time or day it is they are so relaxed! We are in the business of looking after people’s well-being.

Our signature Kitya Karnu steam treatment is one of the most popular mind-body relaxing spa treatments that we offer. Kitya Karnu means Salty Stone. People come out of the experience without a care in the world. After the full-body exfoliation, massage, and hydrating masques in your own private steam room, finished with a reviving cool river stone ritual, there is only room for one thing in your life – a sense of pure bliss!

What makes us grin? – When Bupa Dental Insurance contacted us to be a part of their article on ‘Fun Ideas to Make Someone Smile’, we didn’t have to think too hard. We love making our guests feel so relaxed and at ease that they can’t help but smile. Happiness is, after all, catching.

We’d have to say at Aurora Spa the biggest compliment we can get during the treatment is when a client falls asleep (and yes sometimes they do snore!) – all in the name of relaxation.

We love your feedback! It’s nice knowing we are sending people back out into the world feeling amazing. We even had a new client recently send us a letter saying that his time at Aurora Spa was one of the best experiences of his life! He wrote saying that from the moment he arrived to when he left, he felt like a king. His wife had sent him in for a treatment. We guided him through his first spa experience and introduced him to the absolutely wonderful world of relaxation.

It is an honour to be such a positive part of people’s lives. Peace, serenity, and smiles. That’s what we are all about, so check out what Bupa Dental Insurance had to say about us in a recent post about great ideas for making people smile.


Your S K I N is the largest living organ in your body. It is a living, breathing membrane and a direct reflection of your internal health.

The skin can tell us so much about us; our hydration levels, blood nutrients, hormone health and digestive function.

Here are our S E C R E T S to beautiful glowing skin:

Good ingredients

What you feed your body; feeds your skin.

That which you put into your body becomes a reflection seen on the outside – seen in your skin health, your energy levels and overall health and vitality.

Whilst genes definitely play a role in the quality of your skin, what you feed your body is significant too.

Look at your body being like a vehicle, how well you service it and the quality of ‘fuel’ you put into it, has a direct reflection of how well your body vehicle runs and looks.

Good ingredients means eating the rainbow (and No this does not mean colourful candy)

Think  f r e s h  veggies, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and essential fatty acids; so you get the whole alphabet of nutrients required for amazing healthy and vibrant skin.




Treat your mind, body and soul to the ultimate gesture of kindness that you have been longing for. You deserve to relax and unwind all year round with the new Club Spa program at Aurora Spa.

The program helps you to achieve and maintain a well-balanced and a more relaxed, happy and stress-free life.

The membership includes:

  • 12 x one hour treatments of your choice (value $2340).
  • $350 ASPAR Voucher.
  • 10% discount off your friends treatments on the day you come in for a treatment.
  • 10% discount on gift voucher purchases.
  • 10% discount on all products.

Treatments can be enjoyed monthly or seasonally. We suggest having six 2 hour retreats over the course of the year to truly help you relax and unwind.

Membership cost: $1,599

 (Full Value $2690.  Discount of 20% for 2 hours or more already applied.)

Club Spa is a 12 month membership. No further mid-week discounts apply. These treatments are transferable. Not valid with any other offer. Conditions apply.


The Story Behind Lyndall Mitchell

How did you start in the beauty and spa industry?

I grew up on an idyllic 60 hectare fruit farm in Queensland that was just a couple of doors down from a health retreat. I worked there part time through secondary school and then for five years after finishing school. Both home and work were incredible environments filled with healthy and happy people, I was intrigued by this.

In 1997 I opened Aurora Spa Retreat; I wanted to create an accessible urban retreat where clients could take time to truly relax and unwind. Over the past 15 years Aurora has evolved in many ways. We are now in two locations – Melbourne and the Gold Coast, and we have the Aurora Spa Rituals range which has been developed over the life of Aurora.

Aurora’s first home is above the stylish Prince Hotel in Melbourne. We have our  second spa at the beautiful Palazzo Versace in Main Beach at the northern tip of the Gold Coast. Additionally, we have spas at the first class Qantas Lounges.

Why did you decide to call it Aurora?

When I was out walking along a gorgeous leafy street one day with my husband, I was telling him about my vision to create an urban spa. At this point I looked up through the trees to a beautiful old mansion called Aurora. The name really resonated with me. I went home to see what the meaning of Aurora was. One of the meanings was “fully charged energy”. This was perfect as my vision was for all our clients to leave feeling relaxed, revitalised and recharged.

What is Aurora’s point of difference?

From the moment you step into Aurora you begin to experience a retreat environment unlike any other. Your stress begins to melt away in the luxurious relaxation lounges. In the treatment room, by using spa strength, botanically active products and the most effective treatment techniques, the focus is on achieving maximum results. Whether that is to detox, relax or collect your thoughts for a few hours. Our treatments are designed to allow you to escape for a while, melt your stress away and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the outside world!

We have created spaces that help clients to relax and unwind. We like to use colours and textures inspired by nature as we believe this helps clients to relax. Our décor is simple, luxurious and uncluttered.

What is Aurora’s philosophy? How does your lifestyle or your philosophy reflect through your spa?

At the heart of everything we do is a focus on natural beauty and wellness. Achieving the best results for our clients and providing a space where they can relax and unwind is what motivates the Aurora team. This is reflected in everything we do – from the environment of Aurora, to the ingredients used in our products, to the way our staff interact with clients through every moment of their experience with us.

Spa and wellness is an extension of the healthy living philosophy that forms the foundation of my life. I have a beautiful family, two daughters, and we live in an urban environment that we have evolved to be our urban farm. We have organic vegetable gardens that we harvest most of our vegetables from.

We live close to the beach so we love the weekends where we can walk everywhere. Having a healthy lifestyle has many elements; exercise is a part of it that I really enjoy. I love running along the beach, doing yoga and meditating, as well as having a massage and taking time out. For me it’s all about cultivating the mindfulness and gratitude to cherish every moment, I think that’s a great starting place to cultivating long lasting, happy, lives.

You have your own line of spa products, what inspired you to develop them?

When I started Aurora 15 years ago I was hand mixing my own products as I wanted to create the best results for our clients. These spa strength, botanically active products were then further tried and tested throughout Aurora Spa and we worked with specialists in the product field to bring our products to the retail market. The ASPAR range is available on our website and many stockist nationwide.

How important is it to have a presence online now?

Online is a very important part of our business, one that is growing day by day. We want to be able to provide the convenience that I think a lot more clients are looking for when they shop online.

We currently use Facebook and Instagram. Social media is a great way for us to connect with our clients, hear their experiences and give them tips on how to get the best out of our products and create a spa experience at home.

Where do you predict it going in the next five years?

I think the market will continue to grow and welcome the younger spa market. I think younger women are becoming more aware of the benefits of spa and quality spa products and this will grow the market along with the number of spas.

Any future plans you would like to share with us regarding Aurora or the spa range?

We will continue to expand our spa destinations in quality 5 star locations which compliment The Prince and Palazzo Versace.

For more information visit or call (03) 9536 1130.

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