Want to Reduce Stress? Improve Your Sleep

  Sleep is very vital for human beings to function well. It helps our bodies to rest and our brains to recharge. Did you know that the extra hours you sleep could be keeping you away from stress? Let me get down to the details. The Relationship Between Stress and Sleep Kids and adolescents need … Continue reading Want to Reduce Stress? Improve Your Sleep


  I went through a phase (is it still classified a “phase” if the duration was upwards of 2 years?) not all that long ago in the grand scheme of things where I thought it was cool to be tired. If anyone asked how I was, my first instinct was to reply with “tired.” I … Continue reading HOW YOUR BEAUTY ROUTINE CAN HELP YOU SLEEP

How to Get Relaxed Without Getting Tired

  How to Get Relaxed Without Getting Tired We are living in a world where we are always busy trying to make ends meet. If you are not in the office working, you are busy catching up with friends or preparing meals for your family. It’s normal for you to find it difficult to just … Continue reading How to Get Relaxed Without Getting Tired

The Beauty of Inner Confidence

  “Penelope Jones discusses confidence and beauty with Natural Beauty Expert.” https://naturalbeautyexpert.co/the-beauty-of-inner-confidence “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” Sophia Loren I have a beautiful friend who doesn’t see anything to admire about herself, who genuinely complains about her body, her weight, who has terribly low self-esteem and cannot … Continue reading The Beauty of Inner Confidence

Balancing Mum-Time with Me-Time

  We talk to Lyndall Mitchell about balancing Mum-Time with Me-Time.   As a mum, how do you infuse wellbeing into everyday home life with your family? For me it is about creating a space where we can all really unwind and connect.  There are a few ways I help to create this: TECH FREE … Continue reading Balancing Mum-Time with Me-Time

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