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Instead of catching up for a coffee or lunch send your friends a HAPPY ISOLATION PACK to brighten their week. This pack is incredible value as we want you to share the love far and wide with your friends. Love makes the world go around 😊

This pack is your tool kit to infuse your day with DAILY PAUSES. Every time you wash your hands use the Botanical Handwash (step 1 – lather with water, step 2 – take 3 big belly breaths and take in the mind calming essential oils to calm and relax your mind), when your skin feels dry during the day spritz the hydrating herbal tonic – (Micellar Water) to nourish the skin with aloe and green tea extracts. Apply the Sweet Orange Hand Cream (step 1 – apply to clean hands, step 2 – take 3 big belly breaths and take in the soothing rose aromas to calm your nervous system), apply lip balm during the day and at night for a hydrating overnight lip treatment, have a cup of relaxing spa tea before you do the calming meditation.
200ml Micellar water, 30ml Botanical Hand Wash, 10ml Sweet Orange Hand Cream, 10ml Sweet Orange Lip Balm, Relaxing Tea Sachet, Guided Meditation and a message card. (Excluded from any other promotional discount)

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