Signature Crystal Journey



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Duration: 60 minutes

A beautiful mental and physical re-alignment.
Our Signature Crystal Journey incorporates, hand and foot reflexology; paired with a guided crystal meditation of your choice, to relax and realign your energy centres.

This treatment has many wellness benefits. The key benefits are: refreshing / balancing / tension releasing

As a courtesy to all our guests, a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to. Treatments that begin late will still finish at the appointed time, so not to inconvenience other guests. Please allow plenty of time to get to your treatment waiting lounge where you can relax before the treatment ahead and where your therapist will come and greet you. On completion of the treatment, your therapist will leave you to re-awaken to the world. Your therapist will then advise you on any homecare advice she believes will enhance the benefits of your treatment.


This treatment is designed to be tailor-made for your requests and comfort. It is important to drink plenty of water after the treatment and to avoid caffeine based drinks, alcohol and a heavy meal.

Aurora Spa recommends that guests who suffer from the following conditions do not have this treatment.


Steam Room Treatment

High blood pressure – not controlled with medication

Epilepsy – not controlled with medication

Fever, vomiting, diarrhea or a rash in the last 24 hours


HIV, Hepatitis B or C with an open wound

Heart condition


Person under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Recent surgery/accident

Skin infection including bacterial, fungal and viral

Bleeding disorder or taking warfrin or steroid medication

Allergy to seaweed or iodine

Major surgery in the last six months

Thyroid condition – not controlled with medication



All treatments are subject to a completed medical questionnaire at the spa. If you have any questions or discover you have any of the above after making your booking, please call our Reservations team prior to your 24 hour appointment confirmation and we will be happy to arrange alternative treatments if necessary.

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